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Do you have a good product that isn't selling well enough? Increase the completion rate at the end of your funnel by building a fully-fledged telephone sales network. With DigiCalls you can automate call planning, order processing and your team's remuneration.

The automated telephone ticket system
Do you still manage your call calendar yourself?
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Do you still manage your call calendar yourself?

Build your own telephone sales team and run it anytime, anywhere. How? By automating the call management according to your requirements. With DigiCalls, you set dynamic call plans customized to the behavior of each customer.

How does the telephone ticket system work?
DigiCalls works in a trigger-based way. That means you decide which team member should receive which ticket after which case occurred (e.g. sale, cancelation, tariff change). Once set up, the system automatically takes care of the complete call planning.
1 Set up
2 Monitor
customer actions
! Trigger
3 Ticket in
4 Sales agent
calls customer
5 Sale
Your benefits with DigiCalls
You advise your customers in an individual and fully-automated manner
DigiCalls creates telephone tickets that are assigned to the appropriate employee depending on the case. Whether it's an initial sale, tariff change or an order form cancelation, your customer will speak directly with the right employee.
You coordinate the call planning through time-delayed tickets
Manage your team's calls automatically and with maximum flexibility: DigiCalls creates time-delayed tickets e.g. three days after an order or five minutes after a cancelation.
You systematically promote the strengths of your sales team
Create tickets for case types deliberately for selected employees e.g. cancelations should always go to your customer happiness specialists. This way you use your team's competences optimally.
Automated telephone orders
Do you still manually fill out order forms when making a telephone sale?
The ticket becomes an order form with just one click. Your telemarketers carry out orders directly through the Digistore24 system while speaking to your customers. The new order can be placed and paid for at the same time.
start of
Usual call
Your ticket shows you
all necessary information
Start buying process
2 min
Your customer waits while you
search for information
Abandoned sale
15 sec
You only dictate a short URL
leading to the form
Enter order data
up to 3 hours
You dictate a long URL or send
a Buy link afterwards
Abandoned sale
1 min
Your customer sees
a pre-filled form
Successful sale
7 min
Your customer has to fill in
the order information on their own
Abandoned sale
Your benefits with DigiCalls
From the product to the order confirmation in four clicks
The first click opens the order form, two more clicks are used to select the product and payment plan and then with the last one your seller executes the order. The form is pre-filled for existing customers.
You can edit tariff changes, upgrades or upsells in no time
Instead of initiating a new order for each step, your team can also make changes to existing orders on the phone, regardless of whether it's a tariff change or an upgrade to a larger package.
You ensure an easy payment directly over the phone
DigiCalls generates a short link that can be read aloud. Your customer gets the link up on their PC and confirms the payment with just one click. The buying process is not interrupted.
Automated commission payout
Do you still calculate your commissions manually?
DigiCalls automatically assigns each telemarketer the commission you have set and calculates team commissions or commission restrictions beforehand.
Product is sold
  • Seller
  • Team leader
  • Team member
Your benefits with DigiCalls
You automatically settle sales commissions via Digistore24
Your self-employed sellers can automatically receive their commissions via Digistore24 credit notes - just like your affiliates and joint venture partners.
You pay employed telemarketers via payrolls
Do you have employees? Pay out their commissions via the payroll processing and thereby prevent unwanted deduction of social security contributions.
You decide: A commission is only paid after it's been approved
Do you want to take a closer look? Commissions can be paid immediately or only after approval. This can be done by you or a trusted employee.
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